A well-known and popular cafés/restaurants among women

The atmosphere of the Taisho era remains in front of Kuroiso station

CAFÉ DE Grand Bois

The dignified building made of Oya-ishi stone and Ashino-ishi stone built in 1918 was originally used as bank building. Please enjoy the meals and spend time as you like in the chic and relaxing atmosphere with jazz in the background.



As the name suggests, this café was opened in 1988. Its atmosphere hasn’t changed since the beginning, and many of the current cafés have been built by learning something from this café.Now, many cafés have a sense of unity even they use different types of tables and chairs. This café has kept such a style for more than 20 years. Please have a great time with coffee, tea, and sweets in the café where time passes slowly.


Famous western food restaurant in Shiobara Café Restaurant Lamp

Please enjoy the seasonal hospitality dishes with the beautiful landscape seen from the windows.
You can try the flavor of Shiobara through our western food menu that utilizes local products.