2/4-4/3 Shiobara Hina doll Tour

Long-run event of winter following starts.
Based on “Monthly Saddamous Doll Festival” which had been done in Monzen Furumachi district before, the area is expanded to the entire Shiobara Onsen, Sekiya area, and the contents are also upgraded. You can apply for a drawing of free accommodation vouchers with a stamp rally. Please take this opportunity to enjoy hot springs and chicken at Shiobara Onsen, and bamboo lantern basket at night.


Shiobara Hina doll Tour
2/4 (Sat) – 4/3 (Monday)
It is divided into the last term (2/4 to 3/4) late term (3/4 to 4/3), and it will be open only for the latter half term, the previous term only, the late term depending on the facility.
Main venue: Shiobara’s Talking House
· Expand stamp rally by 57 participation facilities.
Girl power UP with 5 stamps! Japanese miscellaneous goods gifts
Apply for a lottery winning a free lodging ticket with 10 stamps
· At the Emperor’s Memorial Park, one of the three Atsushi Shiobara, the dolls of the Taisho era with Mishima family displayed
· Shiobara also exhibited origami origami, origami origami created by Ken Usami at the talking house of Shiobara
· Pictures of dolls of children of Children’s Park are displayed at each facility
· Shiobara also held a workshop at the talking house to handmade various dolls
2/18 (Saturday) Origami’s Hina dolls (lecturer: Ken Usami)
2/19 (Sunday) Dolls of wrapping cloth wrappers (lecturer: Miyuki Sato)
2/25 (Saturday) balloon’s dolls (lecturer: Minami Sayuri)
2/26 (Sun) Hina dolls of flower arrangement (lecturer: Sumiko Oishi)
· Start 2/4 (Sat) 10: 00 ~ Opening event
The performance of the koto and the tea seats
Sweet sake behavior by the ladies general
Present a woodcraft postcard that pushed a doll doll stamp for 100 people
· Special event on March 4th (Saturday)
The performance of the koto and the tea seats
Chicken in Kimono (Kimono Experience and Commemorative Photography)
Let’s wear Juvenile! (Commemorative photo with wearing twelve characters)