Nasushiobara Tour Course!

Please download the Kokosil App and enjoy the 8 tour courses focusing on the nature and literature of Nasushiobara!

  1. Shiobara Onsen Literary Walk
    Visit the footsteps of writers associated with the Shiobara Onsen
  2. Shiobara Valley Walk Yashio Course
    A walk in the middle of nature and the beautiful scenery of Shiobara
    Total distance: About 3.7km
    Time required: 1 hour and 30 minutes
  3. Shiobara Valley Walk Mikaeri Course
    Enjoy waterfalls, suspension bridges and the nature of the Shiobara Valley Walk
    Total distance: About 3.3km
    Time required: About 2 hours one way
  4. Shiobara Nature Study Walk Mt. Fuji Course
    Fully enjoy Shiobara’s nature
    Total distance: 8.0km
    Time required: About 4 hours and 30 minutes one way
  5. Stroll for Shiobara’s history and nature
    A course where you can enjoy hiking a trail in nature and suspension bridge learning the history of Shiohara which many men of letters have loved.
    ※ You can ride on a bus in once place.
    Total distance: About 3.1Km
    Time required: 30 minutes
  6. Dipping in Hot Springs and Experience Canoueing
    Enjoy the nature in canoe
    Use your Omotenasu Tegata (Vistor welcome ticket) to dip in the host springs of your choice
    Total distance: About 12Km
    Time required: 20 minutes
  7. Course to enjoy the nature
    This course is where you can enjoy the natural surroundings of Shiobara such as Onuma no Mori (Onuma Forest) which is one of the “Best hHundred places where you can fully soak yourself in a forest surrounding.”
    Total distance: About 23Km
    Time required: 40 minutes
  8. The Great Figures of Meiji Era
    You can learn about some great figures in Meiji era who had ties withstayed in Nasushiobara.
    Total distance: Abou 28Km
    Time required: 50 minutes