Hotspring introduction

In Nasushiobara, there are many hotspring villages – Shiobara Hotspring Village, Itamuro Hotspring Village, Kuroiso Hotspring Village and many other hotspring regions.

Shiobara Hotspring

Among them there is a hotspring village called Juichitou with 11 hotspring sources, around 60 yokans and hotels and around 150 active springs pumping out hotspring water.  As the Shiobara Road (Highway No. 400) was opened in Meiji 17th Year, literature masters such as Natsume Souseki, Tanizaki Junichiro, Saito Mokichi and Ozaki Koyo visited and left many workpieces.

Itamuro Hotspring

Also, to the west of Mountain Nasu, along the creeks of Yugawa, a feeder of Nasu River, lies the Itamura Hotspring.  Around 1000 years ago, it was said to be discovered by Nasusaburo muneshige.  There are a total of 17 purely natural ryokans and hotels surrounded by valleys and mountains, with a maximum capacity of over 1000 guests.  Also, there are the Kuroiso Hotspring with rich nature and traffic convenience and the Sandokoya Hotspring which is located at an altitude of 1,450 meters.  Nasushiobara is the treasure chest of hotsprings.

In Nasushiobara city there are many areas with hotspring ryokans and hotels dispersed.  There are many hotsprings flowing straight from the source.  You can pick depending on the style and your purpose.  In the urban area, Kuroiso and Nishinasuno, there are also many hotels which businessmen and travellers find convenient waiting for you.